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        不干膠標簽 Self-adhesive label

        • 不干膠標簽 Self-adhesive label
        • 不干膠標簽 Self-adhesive label
        • 不干膠標簽 Self-adhesive label



        Self-adhesive label

        Compared with traditional labels, self-adhesive labels have the advantages of no need to brush glue, no paste, no need to dip in water, no pollution, and save labeling time. They have a wide range of applications and are convenient and quick. Self-adhesive is a kind of material, also called self-adhesive label material. It is a composite material with paper, film or other special materials as the fabric, adhesive on the back, and silicon-coated protective paper as the backing paper. And after printing, die-cutting and other processing, it becomes a finished label.


        Main category


        主要用于液體洗滌類產品以及大眾化的個人護理產品上;薄膜類材料主要用于中高檔的日化產品上。目 前,市場上的大眾化個人護理用品及家用液洗產品占有較大比重,所以相應的紙張材料用得較多。


        It is mainly used in liquid washing products and popular personal care products; film materials are mainly used in medium and high-end daily chemical products. At present, popular personal care products and household liquid washing products occupy a large proportion in the market, so the corresponding paper materials are used more.


        常用PE、PP、PVC以及其它一些合成材料,薄膜材料主要有白色、亞光、透明三種。由于薄膜材料印刷適性不是很好,所以一般會作電暈處理或通過其表面增加涂層來增強其印刷適性。為了避免一些薄膜材料在印刷和貼標過程中變形或撕裂,部分材料還會經過方向性處理,進行單向拉伸或雙向拉伸,例如經過雙向拉伸的BOPP材料應用相當普遍壓光書寫紙、膠版紙標簽 多用途標簽紙,用于信息標簽、條形碼打印標簽,特別適合高速激光打印,也適用于噴墨打印。


        PE, PP, PVC and some other synthetic materials are commonly used. The film materials are mainly white, matte and transparent. Since the printability of thin film materials is not very good, it is generally treated with corona or coated on its surface to enhance its printability. In order to avoid deformation or tearing of some film materials during the printing and labeling process, some materials will also undergo directional treatment for unidirectional or biaxial stretching. For example, biaxially oriented BOPP materials are widely used for calendering writing. Paper, offset paper label Multi-purpose label paper, used for information label, barcode printing label, especially suitable for high-speed laser printing, also suitable for inkjet printing.


        多色彩產品標簽的通用標簽紙,適用于藥品、食品、食用油、酒、飲料、電 器、文化用品的信息標簽。

        Coated paper self-adhesive label

        Universal label paper for multi-color product labels, suitable for information labels of medicines, food, edible oil, wine, beverages, electrical appliances, and cultural goods.


        高級多色彩產品標簽用的高光澤度標簽紙 ,適用于藥品、食品、食用油、酒、飲料、電器、文化用品的信息標簽。

        Mirror coated paper self-adhesive label

        High-gloss label paper for advanced multi-color product labels, suitable for information labels of medicines, food, edible oil, wine, beverages, electrical appliances, and stationery.



        Aluminum foil self-adhesive label

        Universal label paper for multi-color product labels, suitable for high-end information labels for medicines, food, and stationery.



        Laser laser film self-adhesive label

        Universal label paper for multi-color product labels, suitable for high-end information labels for stationery and decorations.



        Shredable paper stickers

        It is used for anti-counterfeiting seals of electrical appliances, mobile phones, medicines, food, etc. After the self-adhesive seal is peeled off, the label paper is immediately broken and cannot be reused.



        Thermal paper self-adhesive label

        Ideal for informational labels such as price tags and other retail uses.



        Thermal transfer paper self-adhesive label

        It is suitable for printing labels on microwave ovens, scale machines, and computer printers.


        面材有銅版紙、鏡面銅版紙、PE(聚乙烯)、PP(聚丙烯)、PET(聚酯)等材料 特別適合于餐具用品、家用電器、水果等信息標簽。剝離不干膠標簽后產品不留痕跡。

        Removable adhesive stickers

        Surface materials include coated paper, mirror coated paper, PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PET (polyester) and other materials, especially suitable for tableware, household appliances, fruit and other information labels. The product leaves no trace after peeling off the self-adhesive label.


        面材有銅版紙、鏡面銅版紙、PE(聚乙烯)、PP(聚丙烯)、PET(聚丙烯)等材料 特別適合啤酒標簽、餐具用品、水果等信息標簽。經水洗滌后產品不留不干膠痕跡。

        Washable Adhesive Labels

        Surface materials include coated paper, mirror coated paper, PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PET (polypropylene) and other materials, especially suitable for information labels such as beer labels, tableware, and fruits. The product does not leave traces of self-adhesive after washing with water.

        化學合成膜 PE不干膠標簽

        面料有透明、光亮乳白色、亞光 乳白色抗水、油及化學物品等性能較重要的產品標簽,用于衛生間用品、化妝品和其他擠壓性包裝的信息標簽。

        Chemical synthetic film PE self-adhesive label

        The fabrics are transparent, bright milky white, matte milky white, anti-water, oil and chemical substances, etc. Product labels with more important properties are used for information labels of toilet products, cosmetics and other extruded packaging.



        PP self-adhesive label

        The fabrics are transparent, bright milky white, matte milky white, anti-water, oil and chemical substances and other important product labels, used for bathroom supplies and cosmetics, suitable for heat transfer printing information labels.



        PET (polypropylene) self-adhesive label

        The fabric has transparent, bright gold, bright silver, sub-golden, sub-silver, milky white, matte milky white, anti-water, oil and chemical substances, etc. The product labels with more important properties are used for toilet products, cosmetics, electrical appliances, and mechanical products, especially suitable for Information label for high temperature resistant products.


        面料有透明、光亮乳白色、亞光乳白色抗水、油及化學物品 等性能較重要的產品標簽,用于衛生間用品、化妝品、電器產品,特別適合耐高溫產品的信息標簽。

        PVC self-adhesive label

        The fabrics are transparent, bright milky white, matte milky white, water-resistant, oil-resistant and chemical-resistant. They are used for toilet products, cosmetics, electrical products, and are especially suitable for information labels of high-temperature resistant products.




        PVC shrink film self-adhesive label

        Applicable to special labels for battery trademarks.

        Chemical synthetic paper is used for product labels with important properties such as water resistance, oil and chemicals, and is used for information labels of high-end products and environmental protection products.




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